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For all the awesome Cody fans


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Where Cody Linley fans can talk about Cody
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About CodyXLinley
CodyXLinley was made for the young actor Cody Linley, after seeing how he didn't have any fansites on LiveJournal.
CodyXLinley is basically just a place where fans can come, share info on Cody, fanfics, and just talk and have fun.
CodyXLinley is updated daily with new infomation, video clips and more!

About the Mod
Stacy is the mod of CodyXLinley.
She's always on, checking the community, and is nice and outgoing. You should never be afraid to contact her or talk to her, even though she's a mod and scrict with some rules.
You can contact Stacy with anything you need by posting on her journal, and if its private, post on her journal and tell her, and she'll try to either email you or contact privatley.
She is always on LiveJournal, updating and writing, so you will always get a answer quickly.

Codys MySpace:

I don't have alot of rules, as many kids I don't like them, but it'd be best to follow these. I don't ask for you to follow them all, but 1-6 are the ones I inforce the most.
1) Treat others with respect. Treat them as you'd like to be treated.
2) No bashing Cody or his movies.
3) No harassing others.
4) No swearing/cussing. Words are alowed, but not the 'F', 'D', 'C', 'P', 'S' or 'B' word alowed.
5) Don't ask for Codys phone number/adress or other things. Yes, we do have his fanmail, you can get that anywhere. But asking for ways to contact him personally is out of the question.
6) No slash fanfiction if you make fanfiction, please. There are other places to do that, and here is not on of those.
7) Double posting IS alowed, just don't make a habbit of doing it every single time you post, try editing your first post if you need to say something else.
8) Don't come and post things that have nothing to do with Cody. You can post things like "I'm going to go here, and possibly meet Cody!", but things like "Oh my gawsh, I got a new pair of shoes today!" belong in your personal journal.
9) Requests for icons are alowed, but nothing too dirty.

If you bash/harass/cuss/swear/ you WILL get a warning. Do it again and you will be banned for three days, third time is a week. Forth time you get yourself banned for good.