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22 September 2007 @ 02:17 pm
Cody update!  
The Haunting Hour:
Yesterday was my birthday and I got THH, yay!
Also, here are the times its on T.V:

Sun, Sept. 23rd, @ 7. pm est
Mon, Oct. 1 @ 6 pm est
Sat, Oct. 13 @ 4. pm est
Sun, Oct. 21 @ 12. pm est
Wed, Oct. 24th @ 6. pm est
Fri, Oct. 26 @ 9. pm est
Tues, Oct 30 @ 7. pm est

Music career?
Could Cody be entering a career in music?

Source: Codyweb + M magazine

"Hey M girls!
A little birdie told us that Cody Linley is working on a album! No word yet on when it comes out."

Soooo tell us: Would you buy his new album? What kind of songs would you like to hear him sing? Do you think he'll be a good singer?

I will totally buy that CD!

New Popstar!
You can pick up the newest popstar Oct. 2nd, and one of the most awesome things in it:
You can win a call from Cody!

Backpack giveaway!
You can win a The Haunting Hour backpack, enter here: